Tick Tock Premium Herbal 100g

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Tick Tock Premium Herbal. 100% Made in Turkey.

Tick Tock is a brand launched by AL-BAZAZ GROUP, internationally leading and operating the manufacturing, distributing and selling of the honey textured hookah molasses, widely flavored to satisfy your craving for shisha / hookah relaxation and enjoyment.

Tick Tock has been hailed as the best alternative to Al Fakher tobacco. With the aroma identical if not better and the taste on the same level. 

Available flavours.

24/7 - Mint.
ALI BABA - Grape and Mint.
BASHA - Lemon Mint.
BLUE SKY - Blueberry Mint.
CAESAR - Double Apple.
CASANOVA - Blueberry.
DIVA - One for the ladies.
H2O - Kiwi.
HARMONY - Gum and Mint.
SALUTE - Orange and Mint.
SURFER - Mango, Peach and Blueberry.