Starbuzz NAR Heat Management

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Are you looking for a new way to heat up your hookah session? Starbuzz has you covered with their latest heat management system that they call NAR! This is one heavy duty piece that weighs in at whooping 350g, and it's crafted from one solid piece of metal that can withstand extreme temperatures.�

It includes a built in thermometer so you know how well your charcoal is doing and the incoming heat for your session. This Starbuzz design prevents any charcoal ash from ever entering your bowl because of the intelligent air channel placements. If your smoke session starts to get hot, you can easily turn the blades at the top which will allow heat to escape and cool down your session. A quicker method is to remove the top completely, and apply the top later with the vents open.�

There is a useful handle grip that can be removed from the base and top plate of the device, this unit will become extremely hot. USE THE HANDLES.
Works with any size bowl
Preheat it on the burner with your charcoal
No charcoal taste or ash in your bowl