Shaman Coal XXXL 31mm

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The hottest Charcoal to hit the Australian market. Introducing Shaman Charcoals. 

31mm charcoal.... what??? Shaman 31mm Charcoal is one of the biggest shisha charcoals on the market. After an hour of smoking, the 31mm charcoal is converted to 25mm. Lowering your coal consumption, and allowing you to use this format for comfortable smoking of strong flavours.

Shaman were the first to develop a charcoal cube that alone could manage a whole shisha smoking session.

Even after an hour of smoking, their charcoal retains the properties of the smaller formats and is ready for re-use in other shishas. This allows you to turn your wildest shisha fantasies into reality. While others dream, Shaman takes action and makes the worlds largest shisha charcoal. Call it what you want, an atomic bomb, an XXXL experiment out of control! Shaman 31mm... Because Size Matters!

Produced in Indonesia. 


Symbol - Shaman Coal XXXL 31mm

Plant - Shaman Coal XXXL 31mm