SA Coal Burner

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Time to cook your coals at lightening speed. Introducing the SA Coal Burner. Guaranteed high performance, safe, efficient, this 1000 watts electric single coil burner will make your coals red hot. Coals ready to use by the time you pack your head and set up your shisha.

SA Coal Burner features:

- Adjustable heat up to 5 levels.

- 1000 watts power.

- Safety feature. Will turn off when too hot. 

- Easy to transport.

- Easy to clean. 

- High Performance.

- Australian plug. No need for a converter.

- Colour is red. 

- Instructions manual inside box. 

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Use tongs at all times. Do not handle coals with your hands. Once coals are done turn to OFF position. Do not clean until stove has completely cooled down. Handle with care.