Everember Wanted Hookah Package Deal

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Everember Wanted Hookah PACKAGE DEAL!!!

Ever Ember is proud to introduce the all new line of resin hookahs to the hookah community. Their innovative slick design made of top quality materials, precisely measured and engineered to create an entirely new smoking experience. Their handmade resin stems are dyed, sanded and polished with care. Each stem has its own natural unique beauty to compliment your own style.

What you get in the Everember Wanted Hookah Package Deal.

- Everember Wanted Hookah
   - Resin Stem and Hub
   - Glass Base
   - Stainless Steel Down Stem
   - Tray
   - Bowl Grommet
   - Hose Grommet
- Signature Everember Silicon Hose
- Black Handle
- Hose Spring
- Everember Stone Bowl
- Everember Personal Resin Mouth Tip (Matching colour with stem)
- Everember Resin Poker (Matching colour with stem)
- Everember Base Mat
- HJ Flavour Saver
- Shaman 26mm Charcoal 1kg
- Charcoal Burner
- Tongs
- Bag of Mouth Tips
- Foil