Chabacco Russian Dark Leaf Tea Based Flavour

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Introducing Chabacco to Australia. 

Chabacco is a unique tobacco-free hookah blend based on Chinese tea of the highest quality. Chabacco is known for rich aroma and smoking duration. At the same time Chabacco is an ideal mixology base.

Temperature resistance

Characteristics of a tea-leaf and our technology makes the product more resistant to high temperature which allows to prolong smoking process.

Chabacco is easy to use

Chabaccos technology simplifies all the preparation — there is no need to press or cut the blend, the product is 100% ready-to-use.

Chinese Melon - Pronounced aroma of sweet melon, accentuated by floral tones.
Elderberry - Sweet and sour berry aroma with light bitterness and floral tones.
Ice Grape - Pronounced sweet and sour aroma of grapes with refreshing mint.
Jackfruit - Sweet aroma of tropical fruit pulp with a slight acidity.
Pomelo - Sweet and sour citrus aroma that unfolds with a slight bitterness.
Rum Lady Muff - Delicate cupcake soaked in rum syrup.
Strawberry Mojito - The famous cocktail aroma based on fresh strawberries with lime and mint.