ARC V2 Heat Management

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ARC V2 is the first modular heat regulation system for shisha.

Indeed, this particularly innovative heating system is both usable as a chimney-type system, that is to say with a central opening allowing the direct diffusion of the heat of the coals by a column going towards the top of the hood of the ARC V2, but also in a closed system with heating relayed by the thermal conduction of the element's metal.

To switch from one type of system to another, you just have to modify the lower ring supplied.

In addition, the ARC V2 heating system is compatible both with hearths for chimneys of type BROHOOD, DRAGON, VOLKAN, etc. but also with all hearths compatible with heat regulation systems of type KALOUD, IGNIS, RAZOR, etc.

On this V2 version, the enlargement of the side air intakes and on the hood increases the supply of fresh air into the oven chamber. The channeled oxygen supply has the effect of stoking the coals for an increase in temperature while prolonging their lifespan.

The ARC V2 heating system has 3 locations for natural coconut type coals, you will be able to put 2 or 3 coals depending on the desired heating. You can use cubes of 25mm side or 26mm.

So with the ARC V2 you will have great freedom of use, for a shisha always successful.